Wedding Planning

Fairy-tale weddings are a result of months of planning, imagination, insight and hard work. You can make your wedding as wonderful as you want it to be by hiring the right wedding planning company. Like a movie production, a fairy-tale wedding includes many details that need to be taken care of to make the final event picture perfect. Starting with your vision of what you want your wedding to be, we work together every step of the way to build your dream wedding. Wedding planning and production is no easy feat. That’s why hiring a wedding planner is best if you want a hassle-free wedding day.



Why choose The Wedding Ties for your special day?


We help you save time – Time is precious especially when it comes to planning your wedding day. It feels like there’s so much to do but so little time. That’s where our expertise comes in. We handle all of the minute details so that you can concentrate on what’s important. Sourcing vendors and visiting a great number of venues takes time. We cut the time you spend on these activities in half by doing the work for you.


We pay attention to detail – Our experienced team of event designers and production experts pay attention to the smallest details when it comes to planning your wedding. From creating budgets, schedules, sourcing vendors, designing your wedding, managing logistics, and RSVP – we can do it all. As a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of detailing that goes into executing a wedding. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget a small element in the start that may prove to be a vital part of your wedding later on. To avoid situations like these arising, we plan and make checklists that we run by you so that we know we’re not missing anything important.


We help you stay on a budget – When it comes to wedding planning, it’s fairly easy to veer away from your pre-decided budget. With needs arising every step of the planning journey, budgets tend to get strained and stretched to their limit and sometimes even exceed their limit. With our professional planners working on your event, you don’t have to worry about your budgets. We ensure to stick to the budget while giving you a luxurious and perfectly-executed wedding.


We give you fresh ideas – No one wants their wedding to look like someone else’s. It can be hard to come up with fresh ideas for your own wedding, especially when there are so many trends going on in the wedding planning industry. At The Wedding Ties, we keep track of the latest trends and also come up with our own take on these trends, allowing us to customize the idea for each client. If you’re stuck on how to make a particular idea work for your wedding, we can help. Whether it’s coming up with a wedding theme or deciding the best color palette for your wedding, our team of experts understand your needs and work with you to generate fresh ideas.

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