Photography & Videograpy

Wedding photography nowadays has come to include a lot of different types and styles of photos. In the earlier days, photographers would come to your wedding, take photos of you and your guests having a great time and leave. The art of photography and videography has changed drastically over the last twenty years. We’ve seen new ideas and styles emerging. Each style is unique to the client they shoot. With so much variety and competition among photographers – one being better than the next, it’s understandably hard for you to choose from the many options in the market. With the advent of digital cameras, more people started shooting their own pictures and now photographers and videographers all over the world have had to up their game. They’ve had to come up with better ideas for unique shots, better videos, and overall better quality photos.


Wedding Photography and videography are important now not just to the wedding day but even to the pre and post wedding rituals. Couples have begun to opt for packages that include a pre-wedding shoot, a wedding film and editing of their photos. Pictures are memories that last a lifetime after all so investing in quality photographers is important.



What’s your style?


Wedding Photography has several different styles to choose from. There are the contemporary style, traditional style and reportage style. In today’s day and age, contemporary photography in combination with the reportage style is a rage. The contemporary style is a lot glossier and fun and uses unique ideas for your shots. The reportage style captures candid moments among the guests and the couple. The aim is to capture natural moments rather than artificially set up ones in the most creative way possible. The traditional style is the old fashioned way of taking photos where the guests are lined up with the wedding couple for traditional photos taken on a stage.


Our advice to our clients is to look beyond the labels of photography because it can be more confusing than helpful. Instead, we suggest deciding on what kind of styles suit you as a wedding couple. Photography, after all, is a combination of different styles and photographers don’t just offer one style of photography during their coverage. Photographers adapt to the surroundings and capture you from your best angle.



Choosing your Wedding Photographer


At The Wedding Ties, we suggest deciding on what kind of photos you want as a couple. You may want traditional photos or creative ones, or even high-end contemporary ones, whatever your choice may be shortlist references for those photos. Once you do this, you can start your search for the perfect photographer. Most photographers nowadays have their website with their work displayed, if not, we can help you set up a meeting with them. It is of utmost importance that you communicate with the photographers about your expectations from your photographs. This helps build a rapport and the photographer is able to work his magic in the best way possible.

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