What makes a wedding stunning? The décor. Décor design is the magic that transforms a simple venue into a dream-like wedding. There are a lot of factors that go into making a wedding beautiful but décor plays the biggest role. It helps set the ambience and mood for your guests. There are so many kinds of décor elements to choose from nowadays and it can be quite overwhelming. We help you decide what works best for your style. We emphasize on having great décor since it sets the tone for the entire wedding. Colour, style, florals, themes are just a few of the things we focus on when wegive you décor ideas.

Indian weddings are known for their vibrant and rich culture and it reflects in the grandeur of the wedding ceremony. All weddings are unique and may either have heavy décor elements or may choose to go minimal. Your décor can either make or break the event. When it comes to décor, there are a lot of do’s and don’tsand our experts help guide you through the process to finalize what works best when it comes to your special day.

The Wedding Ties list of Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t overfill your wedding – You’ve probably seen photos of weddings filled with florals and too many over-the-top statement pieces. We recommend a balance of one or two statement pieces at each of the wedding functions. This day is about you and your partner and very heavy décor takes away from that. The décor should play a supporting role in your weddingmovie. The elements in your décor should complement each other and not all be standalone objects.

Colours -We understand how colours can be so fun thatanyone can get carried away with them. At The Wedding Ties, we recommend building a colour palette and then working around that colour palette for all your wedding festivities. Western weddings use a lot of subtlecolours whereas Indian weddings are filled with colour and vibrancy. Depending on your tastes, we recommend colour palettes that would work best for you. We suggest choosing 4 colours and combinations of only these coloursshould be used throughout your wedding and its related collateral.

Flowers, fabrics and fairy lights (or any other kind of light) – One without the other and your wedding can fall flat. Flowers work wonders at any type of wedding but always in moderation. We all know how expensive real flowers can be so we recommend using a mix of real and faux flowers at your wedding to help you stay within the budget without compromising on your love for flowers. When it comes to lighting, garish is not the way to go. Subtle ambience lighting with the right amount of highlightsis important to bring unity among all the décor elements. Fabrics provide texture and in the right combination prove to be great accents. Table cloths and runners, chair tie-backs, draping are a few of the things you can play around with keeping in mind colour palettes andthemes.

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