It doesn’t matter what venue you are getting married in or where you decide to have your wedding reception, it’s all about the logistics. From getting your guests to your venue or finding the perfect accommodation for them, you can depend on us to get the job done. Once you finalize on the date, venue and other details of your wedding, we work on the logistics. Our experienced logistics management team helps get your guests on time to your wedding.

No matter the mode of transport, we take care of all logistics with regards to your guests. Our in-house team follows up for RSVP with your guests and arranges for transport for them accordingly. If your guest is traveling by air, we arrange for pick-ups from the airport in luxury cars and drop-offs to the venue. If they are traveling by bus or train, we have a designated member from our team awaiting their arrival who will help them board either a bus or a car and drop them off at the venue. The team member at any pickup location makes sure to coordinate with the guest and the venue simultaneously so as to prepare them for their arrival. We ensure there are little to no glitches in this entire process. We arrange for refreshment for the arriving guests to keep them hydrated and satiated till the festivities begin.

When it comes to your guests, nothing but the best will do. We help you choose great accommodation for your guests traveling from a different city or country who stay for the entire duration of your wedding. To cause as little inconvenience to them as possible, we put them up in hotels close to the wedding venue. The accommodation can range from 5-star hotel properties to 3-star ones. We work with you to organize and allot the rooms so as to keep all your guests comfortable with each other.

Our logistic services are top notch and we ensure everything runs smoothly. Once you’ve established a budget and timeline, we work with you to make the most ideal arrangements for your guests. We go the extra mile to keep your guests comfortable every step of the way. We negotiate on your behalf and get you the best deal from our vendors.

Right from booking tickets and arranging for visas, to pick-ups and drop-offs of guests, to make arrangements for their boarding and lodging, we organize it all effortlessly. We work with you to allow the right budget and we make sure you don’t overspend on logistics for your guests. Ensuring your day runs smoothly is our main objective without you having to worry about where your guests are and what time they will reach your venue. Our logistics network covers most of India and we can make arrangements in any city of your choosing. If you are looking for a planner who can handle not just your wedding but take care of your guests’ travel too, look no further, hire us!


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