A way to a guest’s heart is through their stomach. Who doesn’t love good food at a wedding? How many times have we attended a wedding and judged it solely on its food? Catering Services is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Finding a good caterer is hard and a good caterer that caters to your taste is even harder. To many cultures, food is such an important aspect. Good food at your wedding is something guests will remember and talk about for days. When we say have good food at your wedding, we don’t mean that the spread must be a lavish one or have food from every culture in India, but it should be the kind that leaves your guests’ taste buds tingling. It should be cooked well, hygienically made and handled, tasty and true to the culture it represents. No two caterers are alike and getting a food tasting done before finalizing a caterer is important.



Variety is the spice of life. Or is it?


We’re all for having lavish spreads at weddings but is it necessary for a successful wedding? We disagree. We’ve worked with budgets of every kind and trust us when we say that bigger budgets don’t necessarily mean better food. There may be varied, no doubt. But the quality and taste of the food may not be up to par. There’s so much you can experiment with within smaller budget catering services. Giving your guests a taste of your culture should be one of the important factors when choosing your caterer. We’ve spoken to a lot of clients and guests alike and they agree that getting a taste of someone’s culture holds so much more value than going to a wedding that’s trying too hard experimenting. India is filled with so many types of foods that it’s hard to have them all at your wedding. We suggest picking your favorite food along with the cuisine of your culture and working around that. Having too many cuisines overwhelm your guests and they probably won’t be able to try all of them anyway.


At The Wedding Ties, we help you shortlist catering Services according to your cuisine preference and your culture. We help you choose food that’s appealing to most palates. We arrange for tailor-made menus that include food and drinks. We get you the best deals by negotiating with the caterer on your behalf. Food presentation is an art. We ensure the food you choose is displayed with perfection. Having live counters is recommended as it keeps your guests intrigued. The most common cuisines available at weddings nowadays are – Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian to name a few. We work with you and the caterer to see if these cuisines can be modified and experimented with to create unique experiences for your guests. We ensure the caterer we recommend has high standards and delivers only quality food using the choicest ingredients. We also help you with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage selection for your big day.

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