No wedding is complete without some type of entertainment – be it in the form of a performance or background music to set the ambiance. Couples nowadays employ a variety of artists to keep their guests entertained and to ensure there is no boredom whatsoever. Artists bring charm to any event that cannot be replicated by anything else. They show the world a new realm of beauty and emotion. They liven up any type of event with their art. Artists lay the foundation of our visual appeal and the success of a lot of events depends on their craftsmanship. Be it live music, or a magician, or even a caricature artist, at The Wedding Ties we have top-notch artists for your wedding.


Choosing the perfect performer for your wedding

At The Wedding Ties, we understand the needs of your event and recommend performers according to the theme, style, and duration of your event. For longer events, we recommend going for performers that walk around and interact with your guests. For shorter events, having performers to add to the ambiance, for instance – a violinist is ideal.

We shortlist only the best performers from our pool of artists for your events. After all, your dream wedding is being converted to reality and it deserves only the best. We arrange for talented artists from around the country for your events. We set up meetings with them so that you get a chance to interact with them and decide if they will be a perfect fit for your event. From close-up magicians to illustrators, to fire artists, you can choose from our range of artists.

Once you select the artist/artists you want for your big day, we help negotiate the price ensuring that you don’t overspend. We recommend artists to suit your budget. With a large talent pool, it’s easy to get confused when choosing the artist. At The Wedding Ties, we help you shortlist and finalize what works best. Your wedding is a lifetime memory for you so we wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned to find the best fit for it. 

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